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As promised, Red Blood Cell Pattern

As I promised, here is the pattern for my RBC amigurumi. This is the first pattern I've ever written, so if you see anything that needs corrected, please let me know so I can fix it. :-)

Erythrocyte (Red Blood Cell) Amigurumi Pattern
By R. Blankenship

Worsted Weight Red Yarn (I used Red Heart for mine)
Little Googly Eyes
E Hook
Stitch Marker
Fiber-fil or stuffing of your choice

CH = chain
SC = single crochet
ST = stitch
SC INC = single crochet increase (2 single crochet in one stitch)
SC DEC = single crochet decrease (combine 2 single crochet)
* = repeat from first * to second * all the way around

Mark first stitch in each row.
Instead of Ch 2 at the beginning, you can use the finger slip knot. Use whatever you are comfortable with.

Ch 2
Row 1: 5 sc in 2nd stitch from hook
Row 2: sc inc in each st = 10 stitches
Row 3: sc inc in each st = 20 stitches
Row 4: sc inc in each st = 40 stitches
Row 5: *sc inc in next st then 3 sc* = 48 stitches
Row 6 – 8: sc all the way around. Begin stuffing here. Make sure you put the stuffing around the edges, like a donut, because the center is a depression.
Row 9: sc dec in next st then 4 sc = 40 stitches
Row 10: sc dec in each st = 20 stitches
Row 11: sc dec in each st = 10 stitches
Row 12: sc dec in each st = 5 stitches

Cut a long tail and weave opening closed. Using yarn, sew a circle in the center of the toy to make the depression for the erythrocyte to hold oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules. Glue on googly eyes of your choice along the edge.

Now you’ll never be anemic with your back up red blood cell!
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