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Patterns as Requested :)

Here's the 'pattern' for my Linen Market Bag. I posted about it in some other communities, but figured the pattern would be cool here. Thanks to all the people who asked!

The Linen Market Bag

1 Skein Louet Euroflax Linen
Size G crochet hook

Since I've never written a crochet pattern, please bear with me. Again, I winged this a lot, so I'll try to get it down right for you. XD

Bottom of bag:
Round 1: Ch 5, join in a ring. Ch 2 and work about 15-20 hdc into ring.
Round 2: Ch3. *work dc into first st, then 2 dc into next st* around.
Rounds 3-5: Work as Round 2.
Round 6: Ch3. Work dc into each st.
Round 7: Work as Round 2.
Repeat Rounds 6&7 one more time.

Body of bag:
Picot Mesh pattern from "Encyclopedia of Stitchery" by Mildred Graves Ryan, altered by me for working in the round.

Round 1: *Ch5. Skip 3 sts. In next st, take 1 single crochet (sc), 3ch, and 1 sc.* Repeat around edge of bag, ending with 5 ch. (don't be worried if it's off by a st or two; it'll even out.)
Round 2: Skip to 3rd ch of 1st round, then take 1sc, 3ch, and 1sc into that ch. *Ch5, skip to 3rd ch, take 1sc, 3ch, 1sc into that ch* around.

From there, it will spiral up so you won't see where your beginning of the row is. You might want to mark that first row's beginning JUST so you can keep track of how tall you're making the bag. I counted the picots from the second row to the top row, and decided 8 was the magic number for me. Any taller, and this bag would be a little too tall for the base; any shorter, and it would be too shallow. On the last row, end with Ch5 and slipstitch it to the 3rd ch of the next section, just like you've been doing. Then stop.

Now that you've done the body of the bag, you need to pull it all together so it gets some form. You'll notice that the mesh wants to lie flat, so you need to gather it somehow.

Top edge of bag:

Round 1: Ch 3, take 2sc in 3rd ch (where you have been making the picots up til now), continue around. Join with slip stitch.
Rounds 2 & 3: Ch1, then work in sc around.

Decide where you want the handles and mark them, using the beginning of the round as the first marker for the first handle.

Round 4: Ch3, skip 2 ch, work in sc to 1st marker, ch3, skip 2ch, work in sc to 2nd marker, ch3, skip 2ch, work in sc to 3rd marker, ch3, skip 2ch, work in sc to beg of round. Fasten off.

You now have a bag, with rings marking where the handles will go.


Work 1sc into 1st ring, ch desired length to 2nd ring. Take 2sc into 2nd ring, ch1, turn. Keep your work flat! You are working the handle from side to side, so make sure it's not going to be twisted when you finish! (I did this.) Work sc back across, take 2sc into 1st ring, ch1, turn. Repeat until handle is desired width. I did mine for 4 rows. Repeat for second handle.

A note about the handle length: I always seem to make them longer than they need to be. For this, however, I made them only as long as the space between the two rings. I find they are perfect now; they allow me to open the bag fully, but they don't make it dangle too far when it's on my arm. They're just right.

Fasten off & weave in ends. You now have a bag WITH HANDLES.

I hope this helps you; feel free to point out my mistakes or any inconsistencies. Remember that these are not written in stone; I did a lot of this on the fly and would probably do it differently next time just to see what would happen. I am enjoying my exploration of crochet, but I'm still learning.

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